Review of Opel Zafira 1.6i-16V (1999)

Opel Zafira 1999 release, engine X16XEL volume 1600, 16 valves, 5-speed manual transmission, bought in December 2006 with a range of 185 thousand km, sold in January 2009 with a mileage of 220 thousand km.

1. Amused recommendation to replace lamps in foglights. The beginning of the work sounded like this: “remove the front bumper …”. Uh-huh,!

All business, as it turned out, just need a hole, 5 minutes of patience, a couple of magic words with greetings to Hans.

2. Failure of the standard key fob on the key: the lamp is on after pressing the button, the doors do not open. It is treated by turning on the ignition and pressing any button on the key fob (the setting gets lost when accidentally pressed).

3. The engine temperature under load began to float from 50 to 70 ° with a frequency of every 5 minutes – the thermostat had to be changed (by the way, it changes entirely (1200 rubles), and not just a heating element (300 rubles), as on an unadvanced, for example, Ford).

4. If the washer is incorrectly installed (on the wrong side) under the auxiliary pulley bolt on the crankshaft, there is a real chance to cut off the key on the timing gear (it is integral with the gear) and break the pulley seat. At the same time, the pulley turns a little, the engine stops pulling, starts up normally and, finally distraught, strongly recommends changing at least the camshaft position sensor (from 2000 rubles), and it would be better to change the “brains” themselves, which, as it turned out, some 1.5 thousand dollars. (what a trifle!). So it still needs to be defined!

After all, at the top of the camshafts, the marks coincide!

5. If you incorrectly adjust the timing belt tensioner (overtighten), then after a few hundred kilometers the timing belt tensioner bolt is cut off and there is a real chance to introduce the piston to the valves. And how beautiful they bend. All 16 in a military manner on the command of SMIRNA … A !! at the same level – weak ?? In this case, the valve guides are neatly broken.

And when you open a 1.6-liter engine, you are quietly horrified that the pistons move to the MOST cut of the block, and the distance between them and the valves in the closed state is less than 1 cm, i.e. an error of 2-3 teeth can be disastrous.

6. When replacing the valve guides, the desperate swearing of Hans, who did not come up with the idea of ​​making a restrictive belt, and the depth of installation of the guides (of course “hot”) have to be measured every time. At the same time, if you set it a little deeper, then there is a chance that the MSC cap will not sit down to the end, buried in the support washer and will soon safely jump off the seat. And you will have to enjoy the magnificent dove-gray trail astern, and, gradually becoming ferocious, mentally prepares to re-study the materiel.

7. When replacing the parking brake cable, it is better to immediately measure its length, otherwise after installing a new one from the rear discs it will be possible to light it up. In my version, a cable from a model two years younger came up.

8. The stabilizer struts (“bones”) pleased with their durability compared to the Ford Mondeo, where they were regularly changed every six months. However, the fly in the ointment covered, as always, on time: on one of the bumps, the upper ball joint of the rack just fell apart. Naturally, out of harm’s way, I immediately changed both.

9. Twitching of the car on smooth gas and low revs with periodic winking of the engine malfunction lamp was cured by replacing the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve, and no plug rolled in its place. This pleasure of driving a non-twitching car cost only 4500 RUR (read FROM 4500 RUR …).

10. The reason for the cheerful fuel consumption of some 15 liters (not sour for an economical engine in 1600 with a herd of 100 and one (bastard Hans) zebra) was sought before … .. long. Gasoline flowed like a river. In the cold, I refused to start at all. But if it did start, then the engine worked without problems, but the consumption …… .. And it was cured for a start simply by disconnecting the lambda probe, and then replacing it (again, before that it was enough for six months).

The problem cost a lot of nerves, a tank of gasoline, several diagnostics (trouble codes are not simply reset) and, in fact, a lambda probe for 1800 ry (which is far from the limit). all in one

11. When trying to change the buzzing bearing of the front hub (model with ABS), the enamel on the teeth burst once again: IT CHANGES WITH THE HUB ASSEMBLY … And all the pleasure from 4000 rubles …

In addition to those listed, there were also expenses:

an ignition block 3500 ry (they thought of doing without high-voltage wires and installing their own coil on each candle – all in one block); rear brake discs from 1500 ry per pair; muffler, 2 elements without pants and catalyst – 7000 rubles …; rear wiper leash – 900r. (the brush itself is 300).

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